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Get to Know Sakong Online Games Precisely and Efficiently

Posted on 05 May 2017


PKV Games Sakong version has the same rules and how to play in the Sakong game in general. Sakong game consists of a maximum of 8 players where there will be a player who is a dealer. You will be dealt 3 cards that will be pitted with other players, who gets the highest number is entitled to win the bet. If the value of the cards owned by the players is the same as the numbers owned by the dealer then the dealer is entitled to be the winner, the mechanism of the Sakong game is relatively the same as the BandarQ game.

Following are the winning odds percentages in the DominoQQ Pkv Games Online Sakong Online game;

  • If the points of the card combination in your hand are in the range of numbers 1 to 9, then the winnings are in accordance with the nominal bets that you have previously placed.
  • If the total points of your card combination are worth 10, then the amount of bets you get is 2x times the amount of bets you previously placed.
  • If you manage to get a combination of 3 US cards in your hand then you are entitled to win the bet with the amount of 3x that you have previously placed.

Card Tiers ​​in the Sakong Online PKV Games Version

Here are the card values ​​found in the online Sakong game. Make sure you understand how to play and the rules that have been set.

In Sakong the AS card has a value of 1, while for cards 2 to 9 have the same nominal as the card, and for cards 10, J, Q and K have a value of 0 or 10.

There is also a combination of the 3 highest cards in the Sakong game, namely:

  1. The combination of 3 US cards is the highest in the Sakong game. If you manage to get a combination of cards A, A, A then you are entitled to get a Jackpot.
  2. The second combination is 3 cards with a value of 10. Examples of these card combinations are (K, K, K), (Q, Q, Q), (J, J, J) and (10,10,10) each have a value Jackpots of 500,000, 400,000, 300,000 and 200,000.
  3. The last combination is a combination of 3 illustrated cards. For example: (J, Q, K), (Q, J, K), (K, Q, J), and (K, J, Q), a combination of 3 picture cards has a jackpot of 50,000

To get a Jackpot you must first buy a Jackpot worth 1000 before starting the game because if the game is already underway you cannot buy the jackpot before the game ends.