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Klein Constantia and Pascal Jolivet release Metis

Posted on 04 Jun 2014

A collaboration between Klein Constantia and Pascal Jolivet has resulted in a new and inspirational Sauvignon Blanc, the Metis 2013.

Made at Klein Constantia Wine Estate in South Africa, the Metis is made in a unique style to show the true expression of the
Estate’s distinguishing terroir. In 2013, Jolivet’s wine maker Jean-Luc Soty joined the Klein Constantia team during their harvest.
During this time a decision was made to experiment with one of the highest blocks in the vineyard the “Pascal Jolivet” way.
Using a natural, minimalistic and unconventional approach to winemaking, Metis shows intricate flavours, fresh acidity and a
complexity that is rarely found in Sauvignon blancs today.

Hans Astrom, MD of Klein Constantia, had this to say about the new product: “The fusion of knowledge from Sancerre and Pascal Jolivet, combined with the fruit from the Klein Constantia terroir with its extreme two ocean influence creates a style of Sauvignon
Blanc possibly never before produced in the Southern Hemisphere. We are excited about this new venture and proud to
be associated with Pascal Jolivet, a long-time friend of mine.”

The merging of the two national flowers on the front of the labelcreates a symbol of the collaboration of the distinctive Klein Constantia vineyard and the avant-garde Jolivet approach, thus capturing an innovative and new Sauvignon Blanc.