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Mark Cavendish & Mark Renshaw to join at MAD Charity event

Posted on 29 Jan 2015

We are delighted to announce that Mark Cavendish and Mark Renshaw will be joining us at the MAD Charity event being hosted here on the farm on the 6th of March.

Etixx – Quick Step released the following press release earlier:

This year, Mark Cavendish, one of Etixx – Quick-Step’s biggest riders, and his lead-out man, Mark Renshaw, will participate in the Cycle Tour for the first time.

The Cycle Tour attracts 35 000 cyclists to Cape Town every year and, over the past 36 years, has emerged as one of the greatest cycling events on the planet, with everyone from rank amateurs to Hollywood celebrities to top pro riders taking part.

The headquarters for Cavendish and Renshaw will be the beautiful wine estate of Klein Constantia, owned by team owner Zdenek Bakala. Starting this year, Klein Constantia will be a jersey sponsor for team Etixx – Quick-Step.

As they did in 2014, Klein Constantia and Etixx-Quick-Step will host a special cocktail function and auction, and a short bike ride to support Francois Pienaar’s MAD CHARITY ™ (Make a Difference) on Friday, the 6th of March.

Mark Cavendish and five-time Tour de France winner Eddy Merckx, the undisputed greatest pro cyclist of all-time, will be guests of honour at the event.

“I’ve never been to South Africa before,” says Cavendish. “I’ve heard great things about the Cycle Tour and I’m excited about the trip. I’ve heard from a few riders who have been there before that it’s a lovely place, and a beautiful event to race. To ride with 35 000 people, that’s not something I’ve ever done in a bike race before. But I’m looking forward to it. Klein Costantia is a new sponsor of the team this year, and I want to do them and Mr. Bakala proud by going and showing my support. Also, I am happy to be associated with the charity actions they will sponsor. I’m really looking forward to visiting South Africa for the first time and taking part in a well-organised event that comes with a history of goodwill and charity attached to it.”