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Introducing ‘Klein Constantia – the home of Vin de Constance’

15 March, 2023

‘The Constantia Valley is far more than the cradle of wine culture in South Africa, just as Klein Constantia is not merely the present embodiment of a long-forgotten estate, or Vin de Constance the modern incarnation of a wine of legend.’ – Michael Fridjhon.
The Klein Constantia book tells the dramatic and inspiring story of Klein Constantia through its people, vineyards and wines – most notably Vin de Constance, truly a modern icon in the world of fine wine.
‘The subject of this book is so significant, and the story it recounts so engrossing, that any competent writer might have been commissioned to produce it,’ writes Fridjhon. ‘Instead the prodigious talents of two of our finest wine writers have been harnessed to the task.’
Beginning in the late seventeenth century, Joanne Gibson describes how Constantia became one of the most lauded and sought-after wines in the world. After disappearing without trace for over a century, legendary Constantia was reborn with the replanting of Klein Constantia in the 1980s. Malu Lambert tells the story of Klein Constantia’s contemporary renaissance under its inspirational new ownership since 2011, revealing how no stone has been left unturned to ensure that this beautiful and timeless estate take its rightful place as one of the world’s greatest fine wine producers. Together, they take readers on a remarkable journey of discovery in a hardback publication that has been beautifully designed, illustrated and printed.

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